Fingerprint image capturing, template extraction and matching on a single component

BXSDK is the baseline component of all fingerprint solutions from HTX. It is a software development kit with methods to capture, extract templates and match fingerprints. With a very intuitive API, it can be used by developers of different levels.

Should I use it?

BXSDK is a software development kit, and should be used only when SimpleID does not meet the project requirements, for technical or business reasons. When using a SDK, time to market increases and so does the biometric knowledge required for the team that will develop and mantain the application.

Main Features


Supports WSQ, ISO 19794-2 and ANSI 378:2004 standards

Multiple Devices

BXSDK supports multiple devices from multiple manufacturers. You can choose the one that best fill your needs.

Easy Licensing

With our licensing model you don’t have to install one license for each client machine.

Windows and Linux

Supports Windows and Linux


Supports multiple programming languages. C++, Java, C#, VB6, Javascript and any language that can be integrated with DLL or .SO components


Sample application in Java and .NET and a fully documented API

Supported Devices

Futronic FS80 e FS80H


Futronic FS88 e FS88H


Digital Persona 4500


Nitgen Hamster DX


Secugen Hamster Pro e Pro20


Integrated Biometrics Columbo

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