Multibiometric security has never been so easy

SimpleID Core is our multibiometric matching system that allows any application to add fingerprint and face recognition in just a few steps
Face Recognition

The most natural type of identification. Confirm the identity of your users in less than 1 second.


The most used type of identification. Very accurate, fast and interoperable

Fast Integration

Integrate your application with SimpleID Core with just a few lines of code. Perform fingerprint and face searches in a very simple way.

Biometric as a Service (BaaS)


Built with over 10 years of experience in biometric projects, SimpleID Core is adaptable to different use cases.

Ease of integration

With a modern API, SimpleID allows any application to add biometric identification to its workflow with just a few lines of code.

Affordable cost

Through our biometric as a service business model, we are able to deliver a high quality solution for projects of any size.

Main features


SimpleID Core supports fingerprint and face recognition.


During a register request, SimpleID performs a 1:N operation against the whole database, what guarantees that the same person is not registered under different names.


All communication is performed through a secure channel.

SimpleID Core is capable of processing hundreds of thousands of fingerprints and faces per second in a single server. Identify your users in real time.


SimpleID Core stores all information using Biometric Data Standards WSQ and ISO 19794-2.

Easy Licensing

With SimpleID Core you no longer have to install licenses on each client machine.


Check all transactions and statistics in real time with the web dashboard

Technical Specifications

Database MySQL (others on request)
Operating System Windows 7 or higher (Server 2016 recommended)
RAM Depends on database size
Response time Depends on database size


Yes! But your templates must on a standard format (ISO 19794-2 or ANSI 378:2004).  If the templates are not on a standard format and you don’t have the images, send us some templates and we check if it is possible to convert them a known format.

Yes. SimpleID Core only needs a picture with good lighting conditions

Absolutely! After we define the requirements, you just need to give us access (VPN, Team Viewer, etc) and in a few hours you will have everything ready.

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