SimpleID Capture

Biometric capture doesn’t need to be complicated

SimpleID Capture is a very easy to use API for capturing and processing biometric data. Besides ensuring the quality of captured information, it eliminates all the problems associated with the use of Java Applets and ActiveX components.

Biometric Capture


Desktop and web applications can capture fingerprint images and templates and analyze face images in real time


SimpleID Capture guarantees only the best images will be captured and used to generate templates.


With SimpleID Capture you don’t have to deal with complicated DLLs or Java Applets and all its compatibilities issues.

Multiple devices

SimpleID Capture supports multiple devices from multiple manufacturers. You can choose the one that best fit your needs.

Main Features


Supports multiple programming languages. C++, Java, C#, VB6, Javascript and any language that supports websockets.


All captured information is on Biometric standard formats.


SimpleID Capture runs on thousands of machines daily, processing hundreds of thousands of requests.

Evaluate face pictures quality in real time. Get face position, pose, eye gaze, brightness and sharpness level and add automatic capture to any application

Easy Licensing

With our licensing model you don’t have to install one license for each client machine.

SimpleID Core

Fully integrated with SimpleID Core. Add biometric capture and matching with just a few lines of code.


SimpleID Capture uses all the power of websockets so that your application can have a unique user experience.

Technical Specifications

Application type Windows Service
API WebSockets with JSON
Operating System Windows 7 or higher
RAM 2GB (4GB recommended)

Supported devices


Futronic FS80 e FS80H


Futronic FS88 e FS88H


Digital Persona 4500


Nitgen Hamster DX


Secugen Pro e Pro20


Integrated Biometrics Columbo


If the scanner you use is not on the list of supported devices, send us a message telling which device you use. Most of the time we are able to support new devices easily.

Since operating systems support webcams integrations natively, SimpleID Capture does not integrates directly with cameras. The application can choose the most suitable way to capture and send images to SimpleID Capture to process.

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